Wider Horizons Lunch

Day:   Last Friday of the month
Time:   Noon for lunch at 12:30
Where:   Long Bay Baptist Church
Cost:   $10

 A number of people find that as they retire or enter their later years, that there are not as many opportunities to interact with other people. This monthly lunch was started to provide an opportunity for companionship and to new friendships, while enjoying a delicious two-course lunch. The afternoon starts with a hot dinner and dessert, and is followed by a fun quiz or entertainment item. Transport is available if needed. Some special dietary needs can be accommodated on request. For any further information, please contact Carole McMinn on 473-3259.

How can I support this ministry?
You could assist with transport, with preparing/serving the food or with contributing your musical talent. If you would like to offer any of these, Carole McMinn would love to hear from you (473-3259).