At Long Bay Baptist we love to support each other in our faith. See below some of the things we offer to help you take the next steps on your faith journey.

Want to know more about things like baptism and faith in general? #TryAlpha

Alpha is a 10 week course (we usually run twice a year) that explores what the Christian faith is all about. There are opportunities for you to ask all those questions you have been wondering about for years.

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We believe that baptism is an import step in our faith journey and one commanded in the New Testament. If you would like to know more, one of our pastors would be very happy to talk through it with you.

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We think people are important. Actually we think you are very important. As a result, we have small groups for teaching and caring for one another. We encourage people to be part of one of our groups. In fact we think small groups are so important we've dedicated a whole page to them.

Service is really important to our faith walk. We believe God has a plan and purpose for our lives. Long Bay Baptist is where we can be in community and serving God together. Service takes place in two ways.

We serve one another. In giving, and in receiving, service we are developing the character of Jesus in our lives.

We serve others. Serving those outside the church is a great way to make a path for the gospel, for God conversations to happen. Through our community engagement, our hope is that some will come to know Jesus.

We have so many different ways you can serve within the church or in one of our community ministries! As you consider joining the work of LBB, our prayer is that you will thrive here as part of this church family.

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We believe that giving to a local church is a good biblical principle to follow. Giving is not only part of our relationship with God, but is also a necessary resource to enable the work we do in the community. As a registered charity, all recorded donations are 33% tax deductible. If you would like to know more about giving at Long Bay Baptist, feel free to have a chat with our friendly treasurer or head on over to our giving details page.

Official membership is a sign of your commitment to the local church. It is not a ‘forever’ promise to either being a Baptist, or to this particular church but rather that, for the time you are worshipping with us, you are committed to Long Bay Baptist and we, of course, to you. If you are not yet a member but you think of this as your church home, we encourage you to ask about membership. Why not do so today? Church membership is important for practical reasons. As a Baptist church, it is the members who, collectively, discern and decide the direction of the church.   Church meetings are held 3-4 times a year and this is where we consider things like the direction the church is heading, the way we spend our money or who we call as a Pastor. Everyone is welcome to be at a church meeting, and also to voice their opinions during that meeting, but when it comes to voting it is the opinion of those who are committed to our church that counts. Membership provides this for us. 

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Prayer Meeting: There is a weekly prayer meeting at 7.30pm on Tuesdays in the Karakia Room*, which is open to anyone in our church family.

Office Prayer:  Each week our staff team pray for a group of our church family at their weekly staff meeting.  An email is sent to the group in the week prior to see if there are any specific prayer needs.  The whole group is prayed for regardless, but we are interested in what is going on in your life and want to uphold you in prayer. If you are part of our church family keep an eye on your inbox for when we'll next be praying for you.

Prayer Chain: In need of some prayer? You don't need to wait to receive our periodic "We are praying for you" emails. We have a prayer chain you can access at any time by emailing the office or clicking the button below.

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A wide range of books and small group study material is available to all in the Karakia Room*. Please be sure to sign your books out and back in again.


*The Karakia Room is located in the main church building.  It is the room just off the foyer.